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Spring 2014 - Clay Mates - Lady I/II

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Status Week of Home Team Visiting Team Site Court Points Blank
Confirmed Apr 2 10:00amIndian Spring CCBoca Pointe CC-231/28-21
Confirmed Apr 2 11 amVillaggioTivoli Lakes-325/27-21
Confirmed Apr 2 9:30 amFour Seasons of DelrayAddison Reserve CC-142/4-30
Confirmed Apr 9 10:00amAddison Reserve CCBoca Pointe CC-114/42-03
Confirmed Apr 9 11 amVillaggioIndian Spring CC-217/42-03
Confirmed Apr 9 11 amTivoli LakesFour Seasons of Delray-342/21-30
Confirmed Apr 16 10:00amAddison Reserve CCVillaggio-122/42-12
Confirmed Apr 16 10:00amBoca Pointe CCFour Seasons of Delray-242/11-30
Confirmed Apr 16 11 amTivoli LakesIndian Spring CC-325/34-12
Confirmed Apr 23 10:00amBoca Pointe CCVillaggio-136/22-21
Confirmed Apr 23 11 amTivoli LakesAddison Reserve CC-342/0-30
Confirmed Apr 23 9:30 amFour Seasons of DelrayIndian Spring CC-216/35-12
Confirmed Apr 30 10:00amBoca Pointe CCTivoli Lakes-142/13-30
Confirmed Apr 30 10:00amIndian Spring CCAddison Reserve CC-342/0-30
Confirmed Apr 30 11 amVillaggioFour Seasons of Delray-220/36-12
Confirmed May 7 10:00amAddison Reserve CCFour Seasons of Delray-121/42-12
Confirmed May 7 10:00amBoca Pointe CCIndian Spring CC-234/23-21
Confirmed May 7 11 amTivoli LakesVillaggio-326/34-12
Confirmed May 14 10:00amBoca Pointe CCAddison Reserve CC-142/1-30
Confirmed May 14 10:00amIndian Spring CCVillaggio-240/17-30
Confirmed May 14 9:30 amFour Seasons of DelrayTivoli Lakes-342/15-30
Confirmed May 21 10:00amIndian Spring CCTivoli Lakes-342/17-30
Confirmed May 21 11 amVillaggioAddison Reserve CC-142/0-30
Confirmed May 21 9:30 amFour Seasons of DelrayBoca Pointe CC-224/34-12
Confirmed May 28 10:00amIndian Spring CCFour Seasons of Delray-228/26-12
Confirmed May 28 10:00amAddison Reserve CCTivoli Lakes-323/42-12
Confirmed May 28 11 amVillaggioBoca Pointe CC-113/42-03
Confirmed Jun 4 10:00amAddison Reserve CCIndian Spring CC-39/42-03
Confirmed Jun 4 11 amTivoli LakesBoca Pointe CC-113/42-03
Confirmed Jun 4 9:30 amFour Seasons of DelrayVillaggio-234/28-21
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