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Fall 2014 - Clay Mates - Lady III

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Status Week of Home Team Visiting Team Site Court Points Blank
Confirmed Oct 8 10:00amPolo ClubThe Fountains Country Club-313/42-03
Confirmed Oct 8 10:30 amAvalon EstatesBroken Sound-234/24-21
Confirmed Oct 8 11:00amValencia Pointe RaquettesBoca Pointe-128/32-12
Confirmed Oct 15 10:00amBroken SoundValencia Pointe Raquettes-138/20-30
Confirmed Oct 15 10:00amThe Fountains Country ClubAvalon Estates-215/40-03
Confirmed Oct 15 10:00amPolo ClubBoca Pointe-315/40-03
Confirmed Oct 22 10:00amThe Fountains Country ClubValencia Pointe Raquettes-134/25-21
Confirmed Oct 22 10:00amBroken SoundBoca Pointe-240/12-30
Confirmed Oct 22 10:00amPolo ClubAvalon Estates-315/42-03
Confirmed Oct 29 10:00amBroken SoundThe Fountains Country Club-132/21-21
Confirmed Oct 29 10:00amBoca PointeAvalon Estates-226/27-12
Confirmed Oct 29 10:00amPolo ClubValencia Pointe Raquettes-334/29-21
Confirmed Nov 5 10:00amBroken SoundPolo Club-142/1-30
Confirmed Nov 5 10:00amThe Fountains Country ClubBoca Pointe-228/30-21
Confirmed Nov 5 11:00amValencia Pointe RaquettesAvalon Estates-315/42-03
Confirmed Nov 12 10:00amBoca PointeValencia Pointe Raquettes-142/17-30
Confirmed Nov 12 10:00amBroken SoundAvalon Estates-220/32-12
Confirmed Nov 12 10:00amThe Fountains Country ClubPolo Club-331/22-21
Confirmed Nov 19 10:00amBoca PointePolo Club-342/12-30
Confirmed Nov 19 11:00amValencia Pointe RaquettesBroken Sound-113/42-03
Confirmed Nov 25 10:30 amAvalon EstatesThe Fountains Country Club-240/23-30
Confirmed Dec 3 10:00amBoca PointeBroken Sound-228/25-21
Confirmed Dec 3 10:30 amAvalon EstatesPolo Club-342/11-30
Confirmed Dec 3 11:00amValencia Pointe RaquettesThe Fountains Country Club-134/23-21
Confirmed Dec 10 10:00amThe Fountains Country ClubBroken Sound-120/36-12
Confirmed Dec 10 10:30 amAvalon EstatesBoca Pointe-242/20-30
Confirmed Dec 10 11 amValencia Pointe RaquettesPolo Club-342/16-30
Confirmed Dec 17 10:00amPolo ClubBroken Sound-119/31-12
Confirmed Dec 17 10:00amBoca PointeThe Fountains Country Club-220/36-12
Confirmed Dec 17 11 amAvalon EstatesValencia Pointe Raquettes-336/18-21
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